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Your horse performs best when well-equipped;
Why do less for your business?

Equestrian branding & Illustrations to honor your heart, your horse, and your hustle.

I'm an artist without style

Sounds weird, right?

Let me explain.

I don't design for me. I design for you.

I don't have a style because I don't want someone to look at your logo - and think of me. Every design is curated specifically for your business, encompassing your passions, visions, dreams, and ideals. All of my creative energy is poured into one clear concept, driven by your responses to my carefully curated questionnaire and onboarding process.

So, are you ready for a design that's uniquely yours?

Let's do it.

Custom Branding

Amber Telman, The Equine Creative, prides herself on delivering a brand identity that tells your story. Stand out amongst the rest with a brand that gives you confidence & clarity.

Buy-It-Now Logos

Ready-made designs that you can rely on. Take your business to the next level on a budget — with a logo that's still one-of-a-kind.

Brand Kit Add-Ons

Visual pieces to elevate your business with colors, fonts, and educational support from The Equine Creative.

Digital Downloads

Take your business to the next level with The Equine Creative's educational downloads. Learn how to utilize your branding effectively and feel confident doing so.

Hey there, horse girl

I see you, I am you. An avid equestrian since childhood, I knew my life would somehow revolve around late nights at the barn and sketch pads full of ponies, but I never dreamed it would become part of my career. Ever since I was a little girl, when someone asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd say "I don’t care what I'm doing, as long as I'm helping others."

Born with creative bones and a passion for all things equine, I steered away from a career involving my two greatest passions due to the jabbing statistic that you can't make money in art or horses...

Amber is nothing short of amazing at everything she does! Not only is she simply a wonderful human being and a gift to the equestrian community, but she's truly a wonderful artist. I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway that included an illustration of my horses that quite literally brought me to tears when she delivered it to me. How she captured my three heart horses' personalities in a deceptively simple line art illustration is beyond me but I'm forever grateful. And while she has not (yet!) created a logo or done any brand work for me, I know she is absolutely my go-to person for that type of work because of every logo she creates. I can't recommend her enough!
Cassie, The Positive Pony
Where to start?! Amber absolutely knocked my logo redesign out of the park. We briefly talked about her process a few months ago but I didn’t pull the trigger right away. After non-stop thinking about my logo needing a refresh I knew Amber would be the girl to do it. Her ability to hone in on a personal design is something that needs to be highlighted and recognized. I came to Amber without any concepts or ideas and she was able to create a beautiful logo that not only represents me and my interests but also gives my brand the professional look it needed. I can’t recommend ALT Art & Design enough!‍
Sam Tolentino, Shameless Equestrian
I tried to create my own logo, but it immediately became very overwhelming. Amber is a KASH Collections regular so I reached out to her for some advice. After our convo, I was ready to book her services for my branding. She is an amazing woman to work with and is here to help however she can. If I ever need another logo, I will 100% come back to ALT Art & Design! I cannot recommend her enough. I can't wait to support her business more.
Kassandra-Ashley Rodriguez, KASH Collections
Amber created the logo for my company Savage Equine Services (check out that beautiful artwork!!!) and it turned out better than imagined! I bring nothing to the table in terms of design suggestions, and she still hit it out of the park! She worked fast but still turned out flawless work for me! 10/10 DEF recommend!
Jenn Savage, Savage Equine Services
Amber has designed many things for me over the years, from Christmas cards to logos to fun artwork with my pets. She makes your vision real and has even created something for me out of NOTHING when I was all over the place in what I wanted. She is definitely your girl for all things design!
Kelly Ball, Kozi by Kelly
I recently started a small biz and had no ideas for names or designs. I contacted Amber and asked for help and she came back within a day or so with an AMAZING design and name. Highly recommend her! She’s amazing and super talented!!
Rylee Ball, The Boozy Hound
If you’re a small business owner, waste no time having a unique logo designed by a professional, and better yet, have ALT Art & Design help you! Amber was absolutely wonderful to work with and took extra care to listen to and focus on what I was looking for in my business’ logo artwork. I strongly feel that logos are a crucial component for any business, representing the company’s services and goals in a single piece of artwork, and meant to stay with the company for many years to come, so being able to have a professionally designed logo is super important to me. Amber was able to capture all of my ideas I had in mind plus some of her own touches to the design, and I’m absolutely delighted with the final results. Not only did Amber do a fantastic job, but she was also incredibly easy to work with, personable, and included many different versions of our new artwork in the final draft. I will definitely be coming back to Amber for help with any future business designs!
Natalie Kramer, Albany Pet Hotel
Amber and I worked together on a logo for my farrier business and it went so well! I had a very specific design in mind and Amber brought it to life immediately. It was wonderful to have her feedback and input as we perfected my vision. I am so happy I hired her and can't wait to use her for design work again in the future. Her passion for her clients is obvious.
Corrie Mannion, Sole Purpose Hoof Care
I reached out to Amber with hopes of redesigning my logo, creating brand logos and picking colors that would make my business more professional. After talking with her about the process, I decided to give it a try and she did not disappoint!! Amber had great communication thoughout the entire process and made sure I was happy with every single detail, big it small, before moving on to the next step. She happily brainstormed ideas with me and was willing to try / tweak different things until we found a layout I loved! I can't recommend her enough, and absolutely can not wait to work together on future projects!
Jackie Bonaldo, Fluid Motion Therapy
Amber is excellent. Not only will you feel great about hiring a wonderful, sweet person... your design will look great, too. She has great execution of concept and attention to detail. I recommend her to friends and family!
Kelly Anders